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FC Aarau

FC Aarau - FC Wil 1900 2:1

The Brügglifeld Stadium looks unleavened. In fact, there is one (major) stand with a roof over it, pretty small, yet noticeable. And the entire venue looks as if designed for a college team competition rather than for hosting one of Supreme League’s teams of Switzerland – after all, one of the world’s richest countries.
There is no net behind one of the goals, preventing from extensive search for a ball kicked unskilfully by this or another player. Thus during the warm up, one of the club co-workers was fulfilling an important duty of running after the balls somewhere in the parking area adjacent to the ground. He would then bring the ball back, throw it onto the pitch and repeat the exercise over and over again. It is very likely FC Aarau shall return to the Swiss Super League next season – it would be interesting to see any international competition, it is pretty imaginable that e.g. a group of ten or even less Chelsea fans would turn Brügglifeld into Armageddon.
The opponents, FC Wil, were a few years ago coached by Ryszard Komornicki who also spent several years of his career with FC Aarau, both as a player as well as a coach.
The match kick off brought a lot of chaos first before the hosts achieved substantial advantage sealed with a goal scored by the player no.22, Nganga. And when the audience was already getting prepared for a beer & sausage set to be enjoyed during the break, FC Wil scored an equaliser “out of nothing” – a coincidental hand play after a free kick resulted in a penalty kick.
The cheering was led by two gentlemen in the “Ultras” sector right opposite of the roofed stand. One of them looked as if forced to cheering (every now and then looking behind to check the game quality) whereas the other one looked somewhat weary – besides he seemed not to be acquainted with all songs and looked surprised at times. One may say, like the stadium, like the Ultras.
FC Aarau came to the pitch for the second half with a strong wish to improve: both the score as well as a mood of the audience – the one occupying the unroofed sectors in particular – who started observing the skies with a lot of concern since dark and heavy clouds inevitably heralded the rain. They succeeded, the ultimate score was the merit of Schulz who, so far had not shown anything special besides wearing the cult “10” jersey. It was a bit misfortunate though, that the goal was scored in 54th minute, and more than half an hour was still to entertain the audience which appeared a challenge. Performance of Argentinian Senger was one of the attractions – for some unknown reason he decided to be a striker. Marazzi was trying equally hard, yet it pays off to use a left foot if you are a left winger, does it not? The player did not foresee that, though.
The referee finally whistled. The players went off the pitch and the fans off the venue. I might be wrong however some of them went straight to the parking slot behind one of the goals and were searching for something I have no idea of.