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Atalanta Bergamo

21.01.2012 SERIE A 2011/2012
Atalanta Bergamo - Juventus Turin 0:2

Juve won without any major uncertainties or any big effort.  I was looking for any familiar name in the hosts squad, all in vain. The Zebras had Buffon in the goal along with Pirlo and Vucinic out in the field, just to put the things in a certain perspective. One of the two goals came from a Swiss gentleman which made me reflect upon one theme: since the time of Boniek (Juventus, Roma), Żmuda (Hellas Verona, Cremonese) and Koźmiński (Udinese, Brescia), no other Polish player has made any significant career in Serie A. Some episodes still happen however appear either miserable (Rasiak, Matusiak), or not convincing enough (Glik), or confusing (Brescia's Salamon reportedly on demand by Sporting Lisbon except that the Portuguese did not know that) or at least pose a big question mark (e.g. Boruc's saga at Fiorentina: will he leave, won't he leave).
This was a bit challenging to enter the stadium, we were queuing for good 20 minutes. Tactically, it was unclear whom to support since Juve had quite a number of fans amongst the citizens of Bergamo apparently.
A 12-year-old Italian sitting right behind our row was making a nuisance by way of permanent kicking our seats with his boots. All attempts of persuasion by a terryfying glance appeared useless. I then turned back and asked him a very simple question in Polish: "Will you stop it, a little bastard?" He must have understood Polish as he stopped immediately.
To get a taxi after the match proved to be a Mission Impossible and we decided to get back to the hotel on foot. Nobody said after all that ground hopping is an easy piece of cake...