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Bayern Munich

15.03.2011 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2010/2011
Bayern Munich - Inter Milan 2:3

Outstanding emotions. Bayern seemed to have everything under absolute control however the Italians played the German way this time: fight until the end. And it paid off.

29.08.2009 1.BUNDESLIGA 2009/2010
Bayern Munich - VfL Wolfsburg 3:0

Arjen Robben’s debut in Bayern, after a short and pretty disappointing spell at Real Madrid. In the match against the “Wolves” he came to the pitch in the second half and scored twice. Hardly any better opening to greet the Munich audience.

05.12.2008 1. BUNDESLIGA 2008/2009
Bayern Munich - Hoffenheim 2:1

The „Farmers“ made the mighty Bayern be standing on their toes until the end. Hoffenheim were in lead very long into the game thanks to Ibisevic’s goal, to then suffer from the defeat after a last minute’s goal from Luca Toni – I was always wondering how it was possible at this sort of a sluggish creature could make his career in a number of top class teams…
Juergen Klinsmann, the Bavarian team coach, said after the match no other team so far in the season made his players stretch to the extent as Hoffenheim did.

05.12.2006 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2006/2007
Bayern Munich - Inter Milan 1:1

My first visit ever to Allianz Arena. What was originally supposed to be a clash of giants turned into more or less a friendly – both teams had secured qualification into the next round already earlier. The late equalizer came from Patrick Vieira, whose shot had almost torn the goal net apart.