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Brøndby IF

30.07.2012 Superliga 2012/13
Brøndby IF - Silkeborg 2:1

My Danish friend announced with pride and excitement a few days before the match, “it is going to be a "sold out”. Keld must have fallen a victim of a marketing trick whilst purchasing the tickets: “Hurry up or there will be no more” – the venue was filled with ca. one third of its capacity i.e. roughly 10 thousand spectators. My view: still quite a big number, with all due respect and frankness, I have never heard of Silkeborg before and recognized hardly any name in the match program. To be perfectly honest, the Broendby advantage in that respect was minimal: I did recall Krohn-Delhi only, for his decent performance during the European Championship in Poland and Ukraine two months before.
The opening looked as if a regular slaughter was supposed to materialize, with two goals scored by the hosts within just 10 minutes and the Silkeborg team could know anything about the Broendby’s half only from a word of mouth. On top of that, the first goal was an own goal which does not contribute to building the team’s morale. All changed as if touched by a magic wand upon Silkeborg having scored a contact goal – the guests immediately realized Krohn-Delhi alone is far off from Messi’s performance, kept on putting pressure and got a penalty kick shortly prior to the end of the first half. What a bad luck! Michael Tørnes saved the kick with an amazing cold blood. The second half scenario was easy to foresee. Continuous pressure by Silkeborg with occasional fast breaks by the hosts. The choice of Man of the Match speaks for itself: Michael Tørnes who came up with a number of pretty decent interventions.
The Broendby fame seem to have somewhat faded: the ground looks OK along with the training facilities however skill level and potential for something more spectatular is clearly missing. A rumour says Peter Schmeichel was supposed to show interest in taking over the club. That sounds promising, if any truth in it, to ensure some momentum for Broendby, since their local rivals, FC Kopenhagen, have been the Danish capital driving force right now.