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Celtic Glasgow

28.01.2006 PREMIER LEAGUE 2005/2006
Celtic Glasgow - Dundee United 3:3

Both Poles in the Celtic first "11": Boruc in the goal and Żurawski as a forward. The latter scored two goals which did not contribute to the hosts' win since a very average yet tremendously obstinate Dundee United team managed to make it a draw in the last minutes.
Poland international's name appeared unfriendly in pronounciation for the Celtic fans who decided to give their new hero a nickname "Magic", indeed quite close phonetically to "Maciek". My brother and I would swear though the fans put "..cking" in front, on several occasions, easy to guess - because of emotions featuring most if not all of the sport events.
For practical reasons (airport) we stayed in Edinborough - and enjoyed a one-day trip to Glasgow by train, admiring some fascinating Scottish landscapes on the way.