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Fenerbahce Istanbul

19.09.2010 SUPER LIG 2010/2011
Fenerbahce Istanbul - Besiktas Istanbul 1:1

One of the Turkish league classics. Circa 53 thousand people gathered ona pretty modern ground located in the Asian part of the city - we had to take a ferry first.
Although the type of competition classifies it imediately under "high risk" (some football fans would call it "hardcore"), we did not feel threatened for any single second.
The host fans were "greeting" Ibrahim particularly warmly since he was kind enough to move from Fenerbahce to Besiktas and even a kid would know you normally do not undertake such a thing. Hence Ibrahim heard a lot about his relatives and his mother in first place.The final score was settled from penalty by Guti, one of the greatest (if not the greatest) Besiktas stars. We left the venue in a very calm and efficient manner, no issues at all.