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Geylang United

Geylang United - Hougang United 1:2

I have requested the Shangri-la hotel reception to find out for me the kick off time along with tickets availability. A while later I picked up the phone myself - to hold a conversation with the Geylang United representative. A very kind gentleman (youth team coach and same time a sort of the club's Public Relations Manager) assured me there won't be any slightest issue with my visit to the ground and he will be personally awaiting me at the ground main entrance. Happened exactly as said: I arrived into the venue directly from the Changi airport, I was on a trip in Kuala Lumpur that day. PR Man was indeed waiting for me at the gate, provided me with a VIP sector ticket, showed me my seat, offered a bottle of mineral water, wished me good impressions and sat not far off together (I guess) with his youth team members a few tiers above.
The competition level was not astonishing however full of engagement and (fair) tackles so that the crowds at the stadium (ca. 300 people) could get excited by the score progression. The guests came to a lead in 70th minute having from time to time a smashing advantage. The Eagles equalised in the 90th minute from the penalty - a reward for their pertinacity and a couple of ball passes into the penalty area by their "10". And when the audience was sowly preparing itself for the departure, the technical referee showed extra 3 minites to play which looked like a signal for final attack for Hougang. They scored the winning goal and a happy striker even took his jersey out and run to greet his team's fans (8 in total), creaming and shouting in ecstasy, to celebrate the victory together. Upon return to the pitch he was booked (no mercy, this sort of behaviour is deemed unlawful) and still he was the happiest man on the earth or at least in Singapore. The Geylang supporters were sad however won an informal "League of Stadiums" competition: twelve fans, including one with a trumpet, two with drums plus a big banner with the team emblem (see the picture). In that context it is fair to say the match finished off with a draw.