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Goztepe Izmir

05.03.2012 1.LIG 2011/2012
Goztepe Izmir - Akhisar Belediyespor 0:1

Roughly 5 thousand spectators in a 60-thousand capacity stadium looked somewhat weird at a first glance, in a pretty rainy and cold (as far as Turkey is concerned) ambience. 
The guest Team's supporters made some "outcoming" only in the 87th minute - when Akhisar scored, as it soon appeared, the only goal of the match. They seemed to have been in a camouflage so far - if one asked about their identity, most likely silence would have been deafening.
Security forces could make many a hool completely frightened - armour as if from the Persian wars, transparent yet very solid looking shields and...smart phones heavily used by at least those security heroes who were seated in our direct neighbourhood. We have to admit though, the competition level on the pitch created a pretty encouraging atmosphere to beat consecutive records in the virtual games and since the audience was calm - there was no need to be bothered too much about the actual (or stated) duty. The rain intensified towards end of the match and, instead of mourning the Goztepe defeat, we rapidly started looking for a taxi - the more we did not have any umbrella on us. We could have bought some prior to the game at one of the spontaneous souvenir stands however one never knows whether it would be safe enough to use them again at a non-Goztepe stadium.