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Inter Milan

26.01.2014 SERIE A 2013/2014
Inter Milan - Catania 0:0

Having experienced some misery the other day in Palermo, we were hoping for a solid compensation i.e. several goals scored at San Siro on Sunday. A “David vs. Goliath” comparison seemed obvious: the great Inter Milan at their home stadium against the weakest Serie A Team this season. No goal was scored and the only difference versus the Palermo match was the pace – the guys at San Siro moved notably faster. Gabriel Milito who came to the pitch in the first “11” and after Cambiasso’s injury took over the captain’s band, reminded the audience of his qualities yet did not confirm those with a goal either. A bit sleepy atmosphere in the closing phase of the first half was broken by the Cagliari lead over AC Milan (the Inter’s rivals had ultimately won 2:1). Leto drew most attention in the visitors’ team whom I recall reasonably well from his Panathinaikos times. He resembles Cavani with his moves yet clearly too often engages in counterproductive dribbling losing the ball and looking towards the referee shortly thereafter waiting for the foul whistle. Inter’s game was supposed to be brought into order by Kovacic in the second half, yet the Serb youngster is still missing decisiveness in the key moments of ball passing.
No big role will be Inter’s fate this season, yet qualification for Europe’s League seems within the reach. The new co-owner of the club announced earlier last year some drastic cuts in transfer spending and the Inter fans may expect new players only in the event some of the existing ones are sold to raise funds. The policy looks completely different to the one fostered before which secured a stream of successes of Nero Azzuri in both domestic and international arena.
Weekend summary: both Sicilian managed to avoid either the win and the loss whilst Palermo seem to be enjoying a fairly brighter future: they will very likely change places with their neighbours from the island.