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The World Seen With  A Football Fan's Eye

FC Köln

10.03.2012 1.BUNDESLIGA 2011/2012
FC Koeln - Hertha BSC Berlin 1:0

Forty eight thousand fans, goat’s moaning through the megaphone, three red cards, a nice goal – what else do we want from a football match? One of the reds was shown to the Local Hero and same time a big national Pride of Poland: whenever Podolski’s name is quoted in Polish media, almost by default another information is provided, namely that his grandma still lives in Gliwice. The German Team international, a team-mate and idol of Sławomir Peszko, or 3 in 1 (which is better than the famous 2 in 1 Vidal Sasoon thing), was kind enough to enter a verbal-kinetic argument with the Hertha’s captain Kobyashwili. If the latter one’s name read Saakashvili and was capable of driving a tank, the conflict would have been settled easily (I know, I know, this can only be understood by Poles). A bit earlier, after just 8 minutes spent on the pitch, Jajalo was sent off. It was unclear if he managed to kick the ball, TV cameras recorded him only kicking one of the Hertha players – a clear sign of either bad luck or wickedness of the broadcast director.