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ŁKS Lodz

09.04.2012 EKSTRAKLASA 2011/2012
ŁKS Łódź - Widzew Łódź 1:1

I can't recall the last time I attended the Lodz derby - must have been a long time ago. The world has undergone a huge change meanwhile, yet the change did not affect the ŁKS ground at all. With one exception maybe: the main tribune was in use then and closed now because of risk of collapse. Sic transit gloria.
The Fancard system proved to be more or less fictious. I placed an order via internet to then wait for more than an hour in front of an obsolete plastic box (I beg your pardon: ticket office) queuing along with other people on the match day. Obviously Fancards were of no interest to the security guys at the entrance who checked the tickets only - those could have been apparently obtained equally well for a Jimmy Hendrix Fancard, number 666.
The grand derby of Lodz had been attended, according to the stadium speaker, by 3900 (three thousand nine hundred) spectators. Even if the Widzew fans were not allowed to enter (for security reasons) this does not change much the picture: hugely embarassing for a 700 thousand city, the country's third largest.
The game tactics clearly preferred by both teams read: "kick the ball forward, I will catch it sooner or later" in a pretty energetic, yet extremely vulgar dopping. "Hero" of the match - Marcin Kaczmarek - learnt a lot about his true name, sexual preferences as well as, no wonder, his mother (he happened to have changed ŁKS for Widzew before the season, that's why). The duel of "10"s (jersey number) was clearly won by Saganowski who scored the equaliser and impressed the audience, as usual, with skills and engagement. His Widzew counterpart, ex Poland international seems to be his own shadow of the guy who led the National Team through the qualifications for European Championship 2008. Roughly 10 kilograms older, unwieldy, permanently gesticulating towards his team mates or the referee. The draw, although fair, appeared a defeat for ŁKS who needed three points to survive in the Upper League. Not this time.