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FC Luzern

11.08.2012 AXPO SUPER LEAGUE 2012/2013
FC Luzern - FC St.Gallen 1:1

The first 45 minutes were boring to the extent we started feeling bad about the choice for a Sunday entertainment we had made and - what was even worse - at 68 CHF per head. Besides you need to buy a paycard first to buy a snack or a drink then. No grudge towards an innocent girl from the food box, it was not her idea after all.
So were seating there in the upper sector, somewhat hungry, somewhat bored, much worried about the Super League level and suddenly...a goal by Dejan Janjatovic (German citizen) from beyond the penalty area, a fantastic shot giving lead to the visiting team. FCL screamed of pain and began a campaign driven with a lot of consistency, a version very well known in various football grounds: the so called "affair". It is all about kicking the ball, completely in blind,  into the penalty area in a hope a team mate will be successful in forcing the capricious round item into the net. 12 thousand spectators were sharing the hope every few minutes, being in an upright then seated then upright position again. "Knock, and it shall be opened unto you", the success came in 85th minute. In a great turmoil, one was hit and the other pushed back whereas the latter one fell to the ground as if hit by thunder. The referee had no other choice than a penalty kick. It was turned into a goal by Bularian striker Dymitar Rangelov who several years before tried his luck (with no major effects) in Borussia Dortmund and Energie Cottbus.
Shortly before the equaliser, local fans decided to make the event even a more attractive one, through firing the flares which, as known are strictly prohibited at football grounds. There is nothing that tastes better than a forbidden fruit, soon thereafter the St.Gallen fans proved to be equipped equally well. I happen to have benefited from the competition, one does not have an opportunity for taking this sort of a picture on a daily basis.
The Swiss Super League has a certain niveau and this niveau is low, yet adequate to compete with the Polish Ekstraklasa - maybe this is not fully justified and a direct duel in any of the European Cups would provide us with a more unbiased ground for comparison.
One of the very few qualities of the match was performance of a player #10, Ezequiel Oscar Scarion, the FC SG playmaker from Argentina. Technical skills including swift ball tackling with a simultaneous turnaround along with superb passes pose associations with other than Swiss leagues. It is strange the guy had not yet been kidnapped by some European brand, the player's statistics claim he has been in Switzerland for more than ten years and travelling mainly between FC Thun and FC St.Gallen. He must simply feel good in Helvetia (nothing strange), he is rich by birth or marriage or plays football for his own as well as Swiss audience fun. Or for all three reasons at a time.