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The World Seen With  A Football Fan's Eye

Lviv - Arena Lviv

Germany-Denmark 2:1

Pathos is not my preferred style, yet about Lviv one can say simply: a magnificent city. And being a Pole, I am proud our ancestors have largely contributed to setting up and buoyant developing this metropoly of the East. 
The Old Town along woth it Rynok belong to the most breathtaking sights, besides is there are several teples of various confessions, museums, the Lyczakovsky cemetery, the castle, a long list to go. A woman asked for an advice on the street, provides us with such a detail level we thought we had a professional guide in front of us and art historian as a minimum. "I simply love my city therefore I know everything about it" - she said with a "singing" accent typical for the Poles living in this region.
Lviv benefited a lot from hosting the Euro tournament. The brand new airport terminal is still half empty however it is certain those who visited the place because of the football event are going to sooner or later come again along with those with whom they share their positive impressions: the sights referred to, decent hotel and gastronomic base, and - most importantly - warm hearted hospitality of the citizens make it a trump which makes the future of the city a very optimistic one.
To get to the Lviv Arena is physically demanding - once dropped off by a taxi, more than one kilometer is to be made on foot - which looked double the distance on return (psychological effect).
The match appeared strange: having got the equaliser the Danish team came to a standstill as if the draw paved the way to the quarter-final for them and not the Germans. This was by far not workin well, Germany scored gain, almost "just in case" to avoid nervousness and calmly control the match flow. Podolski was granted "Man of the Match" title, most probably because of the second goal delivery - in my opinion he showed very little (if anything) astonishing on that tournament despite being just 26 years of age. If he does not find ways to restore his previous form in Arsenal (who signed him from FC Koeln before the new season) we will be hearing of "Poldi", his grandma and birthplace in Poland more and more seldom. I was oberving him carefully this season in Bundesliga,live on one occasion (see FC Koeln vs. Hertha Berlin story) and was sorry to conclude the Pole with German passport need a breakthrough and focus on the game in particular instead of conversations with referees or scolding his team mate Peszko - the latter ceased automatically since the Cologne club did not offer the contract extension to the Poland international.
The Danish fans acknowledged the defeat with proud and honour and started approaching the means of transport seamlessly. The Buses brought all of us into the down town very efficiently. Zero mourning or agression, this must have been the famous cold blood of Scandinavians.