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Manchester United

27.09.2011 CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2011/2012
Manchester United - FC Basel 3:3

My first visit to Old Trafford - I had waited for that moment for nearly 30 years.
A great match by the Team from Switzerland. 2:0 up by half time, the game dominated by MU so far – it all looked as if the second half would just be a formality, hence the atmosphere was a mixture of picnic and social fun. Yet, Fabian and then Axel Frei - brought FC Basel to 2:2 whereas the latter player made the score 2:3 which lasted until very last minutes of the match before Ashley Young got a late equaliser.
This match has probably persuaded the HSV Management they need someone like Torsten Fink, even if 1 million Euros has to be put on the table for FC Basel to release their coach.

14.01.2012 PREMIER LEAGUE 2011/2012
Manchester United - Bolton Wanderers 3:0

One could think that average performers, such as the Trotters, would not bring any astonishing crowds of fans to the football ground.
The reality was though, that the tickets had to be specially arranged and as many as 73 thousand people came to Old Trafford on that Saturday afternoon. Some injury epidemic in the Team caused Sir Alex Ferguson to call in for Paul Scholes as an almost emergency solution even though the red-haired MU breed had retired shortly before.
Scholes' appointment did pay back - he scored the first goal which somehow set the entire game.
Anders Lindegaard came to the pitch in the first 11 (as a result of De Gea's injury) and even this kept Tomasz Kuszczak away from the MU substitute bench. A superb performance from Bolton's goalkeeper Bogdan who saved a penalty from Wayne Rooney. Worth noting given the fact the Trotters #1 was normally Jaaskelainen.