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25.01.2014 SERIE A 2013/2014
Palermo - Modena 0:0

Don Corleone was expected and Pinocchio came instead. A Sicilian-football mixture was supposed to give us creeps and instead we experienced temporarily heavy raining and boredom lurking from every corner of the pitch.
One may expect an easy walk from the hosts: Serie B leaders met the Team occupying the bottom part of the League table, facing a real threat of the relegation to the lower tier. One goal seemed an absolute minimum however even this looked hazy several minutes after the kick off. Palermo’s awkwardness was striking and, faced with a pretty well organised Modena’s defence line, the hosts did not make an impression of a team on its return path to Italian football elite.
The Team’s Captain is Abel Hernandez. The 23-year old Uruguayan is one of the key offensive strengths of Palermo: before the encounter against Modena he scored 11 out of 33 Team’s goals in total, yet the Saturday windy and rainy afternoon apparently did not promote his scoring performance - in fact he did not have any clear goal opportunities. If you add hardly any support from the midfield, all efforts ended up with counterproductive moves across the entire pitch. One of very few things to remain in memory is his physical resemblance of Didier Drogba (including number “11” on a shirt) which seems to be (probably subconsciously) fostered by Hernadez: his moves are nearly identical with those by the football legend of Ivory Coast (and Chelsea since his Galatasaray spell looks more like a Swan’s Song) and even Abel’s coiffure is not far off from Didier’s.
Curva Sud (South Tribune) did enjoy the relatively highest occupation also this time – this is the tribune where the most loyal club supporters normally take a seat in many football ground worldwide. Yet the interest in Serie B leader’d match was moderate; in my opinion less than 10 thousand spectators appeared on Stadio Renzo Barbera. Emotions were scarce. In the second half guests decided to have some contribution to the game and made the Palermo Albanian goalkeeper delight the audience with two superb saves within just one minute. Four yellow cards (two for each of the parties) complete the statistical draw of the match.
If it had not been for the bad weather, we would have gone for another stroll in the city however we had visited a couple of interesting sights prior to the match and took some pictures – they will be certainly the most valuable trophy from the trip instead of memories from the match itself.