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Real Madrid

02.05.2009 PRIMERA DIVISION 2008/2009
Real Madrid - FC Barcelona 2:6

My brother said after the match that, in principle, it does not make much sense to watch any further one since it is rather unlikely that something more interesting would happen still this century. He was probably right however the hope always dies last.
Barca made us stunned upon the loss of the match opening goal: no panic, a lot of visible self-confidence at the fringe of absolute certainty of the forthcoming victory - as if they knew before what was ultimately going to happen.
A true football feast, several top class players and.. the incredible Messi. For me this was also a "personal" discovery of Yaya Toure of whom I only knew before he a) was a Barca player, b) had a brother called Kolo and c) was the Ivory Coast international.
Tens of anecdotes spread across Spain soon after the final whistle, of which my favourite was the following: "What is the new area code for Madrid? - "26".