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Schalke 04 Gelsenkirchen

26.10.2013 1.BUNDESLIGA 2013/2014
Schalke 04 - Borussia Dortmund 1:3

The "Revierderby" as called by the locals, has always been evoking particular emotions and this time it was indifferent: we experienced this ourselves while talking Polish at the foot of the stadium. It made one of the Schalke fans standing nearby irritated (no doubt, he had a few Veltins before), some unfriendly opinions were exchanged and violent solutions appeared as if unavoidable. Yet knowledge of German helped, along with a significantly more peaceable attitude of the "aggressor's" colleagues who asked him first to apologise and second to bring six beers so that there was enough for everyone involved. As an additional atonement (I bet) I was given a Schalke 04 white blue scarf. I consider this incident pretty symbolically: Polish - German relationships have historically been never easy, yet since the political breakthrough in 1989, we have been living in peace next to each other.
Since we had the tickets for the Dortmund sector, security guards advised me to hide the souvenir which I immediately did, just to avoid unnecessary complaints from the BVB fans. The more, that they looked extremely determined in the actions launched: firstly, the yellow-black Ultras removed transparent barriers separating themselves from the so called “normal” (or less radical, or simply not having any masks on their faces) – it was maybe too warm for them or maybe this separation was found superficial and politically incorrect. Few minutes later, they blasted off some pyrotechnics so the entire sector was for good several minutes shrouded in yellowish mist. When a few petards exploded and several flares had been thrown onto the pitch, the referee decided tot to kick off the match despite both teams waiting for the first whistle. Roman Weidenfeller, the guest team’s captain run towards the BVB fans and when another flare was thrown in his direction, the prospect of match cancellation appeared very realistic. Fortunately, the situation calmed down after the next couple of minutes and the sound of a whistle could finally be heard at Veltins Arena.
Huntelaar and Farfan were missing in the S04 team and it clearly affected offensive activities of the hosts. Borussia set tough conditions for the game and confirmed early gained advantage by the first goal scored in 14th minute by Aubameyang who got a pass like on a plate. A quarter of an hour later Schalke got a chance to turn the match around: in the result of Hummels’ foul on Fuchs the referee ordered a penalty kick. Prince Boateng approached the ball firmly, yet Weidenfeller excited the audience by a fantastic save – the Schalke team looked as if clipped until the end of the first half and Borussia ruled in an indivisible manner.
When in the 55th minute the score read 0:2 after a marvellous Sahin’s shot from outside of the penalty area, the game looked over however it was not at all: a young shaver Meyer scored a contact goal just one minute after he substituted somewhat tired Fuchs. This time Juergen Klopp had to react: Blaszczykowski released Aubemeyang and, apparently, settled the ultimate score of the match.
The main constructors of Borussia success certainly included Mkhitaryan, Sahin and Hummels – rumours about Barcelona’s interest in the latter one are by all means reasonable, since the player showed in the Revierderby a world-class performance. Lewandowski missed a sign of genius this time whilst Blaszczykowski, despite a decent performance crowned by a goal, would certainly not be happy with a “Super-Substitute” role designated to him by Klopp. The competition in the BVB midfield is fierce though and the Polish National Team captain’s position is not yet lost in this race.
Police helicopters' whirrs could be heard long minutes after the match and the security forces acted extremely carefully not to allow for any “extra-time” competition outside of the stadium, this time in martial arts.around