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12.03.2012 2.BUNDESLIGA 2011/2012
FC St.Pauli - Karlsruher SC 1:0

The stadium inferior offers a combination of a railway station, a modern arts gallery, a pub and a reformatory for the youth.
The match itself: loose ball kicking featuring more a tennis rather than a football competition. Goal opportunities were scarce or as few as fingers of a lumberer who does not care about safety at work too much.
Deadscull motives present everywhere - at first it could give some creeps followed by an inevitable association with a kindergarten pirates games. We did not have a chance to check that ourselves however we reckoned the stadium speaker was having a Mr Hook-like stump whilst carrying a little parrot on his shoulder, just for the reasons of image consistency.
The final score pushed both teams towards the two extremes: St.Pauli maintained their hopes for the return into 1st Bundesliga whereas a shadow of the relegation appeared pretty realistic for the guests.