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AS Varese

14.09.2013 SERIE B 2013/2014
AS Varese - Pescara 3:2

Stadio Franco Ossola (originally known as Stadio del Littorio) was built in 1925. Clearly, it hardly resembles any of today's most modern football grounds, yet it has something unique which makes the atmosphere special and a newcomer feeling like on a special planet.
Grafitti on the walls surrounding the stadium immediately attracts attention. The quality and quantity prove the passion of the artists. Old and young, boys and girls - everybody came on Saturday afternoon to experience something outstanding. And nobody was disappointed with any single minute of the event - loads of emotions and dramaturgy of the match flow (the last 15 minutes in particular) could be easily shared with several other matches.
The first goal opportunity for the white reds came in the 3rd minute and it was only Pelizzoli's instinctive reaction which saved the guests. Varese pressure continued and Pescara midfield players faced an increasing challenge. They managed to cope with it suprisingly well and the 25 year old Dane Lund Nielsen skilfully controlled the game pace, same time avoiding response to some provoking behaviour of Varese defenders. This consistency brought results relatively quickly - Pescara took a lead thanks to the goal scored by Maniero in 12th minute. The air seemed to be off the hosts for a while however cheered up by several thousands of passionate fans, they finished off the first half with 1:1, leaving the final score an open theme.
Determination of the red whites grew steadily and the second goal in 62th minute seemed one of many still to be scored. Several missed goal opportunities must have cost Varese's coach Sottili a lot of frustration, the more than mutual agression in the game became dangerous. The first aid vehicle was called into the pitch twice and Pescara's Cosic had to continue with a bandage on his head maintaned by a white net resembling a bank robber's mask. And when Viviani scored the equaliser directlly from a free kick in 84th minute (a marvellous goal, by the way) the story was supossed to be over. Nothing like this had happened though. Varese reclaimed the lead and both teams could still score a few goals (5 minutes extra time was announced by the technical referee) and emotions were rolling across all stadium sectors almost every second.
The final whistle released tons of joy for the Varese fans whereas the Pescara team approached the stand occupied by their faithful fans who greeted the players for several minutes. Must feel great to have this kind of support - the guys had to make more than 600 km to follow their idols. Respect.