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West Bromwich Albion

02.02.2014 PREMIER LEAGUE 2013/2014
West Bromwich Albion - Liverpool 1:1

Liverpool FC’s visit to The Hawthorns mobilised the WBA supporters community to such an extent, that it was pretty challenging to obtain the tickets for the match. My English friend used his “connections” (Peter) from those who have club’s season tickets, hence “loyalty points” so that tickets purchase for a very attractive event (and the encounter vs. Liverpool is undoubtedly one of those) could be possible for the “outsiders”. Thanks, Pete!
Rodger’s Team came to West Bromwich in practically their strongest Line-Up and with clear aspirations to go for the full prize, sustaining their position in the race for the English Premier League primacy. Gerrard, Suarez, Skrtel, Sturridge, Coutinho, Mignolet, Toure – these gentlemen were supposed to appear decisive factors in the clash with the opposition, who are occupying the lower section of the League Table. Yet football again challenged all statistics’ and comparative analyses’ nose, and: Firstly, the hosts came to the pitch with an enormous determination and no fear of the Big Names in The Red’s squad. And: Secondly, Kolo Toure made a nightmarish mistake which cost his Team the loss of two points. And thirdly: the WBA Spanish coach may not command any brilliant English, yet he proved to have a nose for the right substitution: the equalizer came from Anichebe, who few minutes later replaced Berahino. Mignolet confirmed his class at the visitor’ side – his save from a header just few meters out, after a corner kick, was of superb quality. It goes without saying the Belgian goalkeeper made Reina depart from Anfield for a good reason.
It was a pure sorrow to watch Kolo Toure after his goal-loss failure. In fact it seldom happens to junior players. It was therefore worth all words of respect for Rodgers, who fully supported his player and emphasised this by re-enforcing Kolo’s values, which had persuaded The Reds to bring him to Anfield.
Anichebe, who joined the Albion for ca. 6 million pounds from Everton proved a place in the first eleven should preferably be his, and not necessarily Czech Vydra’s, whose performance was significantly below the Crowd expectations. Interestingly, Fortune, through whom Anichebe’s arrival, was pushed out of the Hawthorns, had scored for Wigan the previous day, in a Championship League match versus Charlton.
On the way back from the stadium one of the teenage WBA supporters caught our attention; wearing just a team jersey despite a significant chill in the air - most of spectators were wearing winter clothes and caps. Apparently nothing will warm you up as nicely as a true passion for your beloved team.