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Wigan Athletic

01.02.2014 CHAMPIONSHIP 2013/2014
Wigan Athletic - Charlton 2:1

A very strong, and incredibly wet wind welcomed us at DW Stadium. Before we took our seats, we visited a pub under the Main Stand – prior to kick off, and in principle, it is reserved for the visiting Team’s fans – yet we were still let in - since we did not look like hooligans, out on a mission to significantly change the design of the venue interior! We took this opportunity to watch a big chunk of the Premier League match, West Ham vs. Swansea – and the first highlight we saw, was Carroll’s dejected departure from the pitch – sent off for reportedly, “deliberately hitting” a Swansea defender in his face. Replays proved Collin Webb (by the way – the referee very well know to Polish fans) was fooled by the excellent acting skills of Chico who, having had his (very manly) pigtail fondly caressed by Carroll’s hand, fell to the ground as if struck by lightening.
Wigan lost a goal after a simple defender’s mistake, as early as the third minute and laboriously tried to recover from it for the rest of match, despite the unfavourable weather conditions: heavy rain; strong wind; which lasted almost the entire match. The stubbornness and consistency paid off: the hosts equalised in the 88th minute thanks to Fortune (by the way, unwanted at WBA) and the winning goal was scored in extra time from a free kick by Jordi Gomez – the Spaniard had entered the game as a substitute in the second half. To my surprise, the Wigan coach, vigorously reacting throughout the match so far, kept a stoic dignity, and instead of joining his players in the winning dance, he somewhat blankly, or maybe contentedly, was looking towards the pitch, sitting on a fence next to the substitution bench. He either was completely exhausted by his prior emotions, or was somehow confident that the winning goal would be ultimately scored.
Three days prior to the match, Charlton confirmed the signing of a 20 year old Polish striker, Piotr Parzyszek who had previously enjoyed a successful spell in 2nd Dutch League. The young shaver described his move as “a big step forward” in one of the press interviews. The risk is though, that his new club would make a big step backwards, in the meantime, since the relegation prospect is pretty realistic. And to get from League One (3rd tier) into Premier League, which probably is on Piotr’s agenda, may appear a much longer (if even feasible) journey to be made. Still, good luck to him!