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Wroclaw - Municipal Stadium

16.10.2012 FRIENDLY
Brasil - Japan 4:0

A few days prior to the match in Wroclaw the Japanese beat France in Paris in a friendly and arrived in Poland in heavenly humours however without any blusterous announcements. Brazilians complained about chilly weather and asked about the Polish team, appeared very diplomatic: "We can't quote any footballer's name but we have respect for every country's football".
That having said, they smashed the the Land of the Rising Sun's Team without too much respect. Worth noting is that a very decent team was gather for a friendly tour - the names of Ramires, David Luiz, Kaka, Hulk, Neymar - all speak for themselves. The latter confused many spectators: so far his headdress was pretty much recognisable whilst this time very "polite". His transfer into one of the European Leagues is not a finished story as yet (FC Santos reportedly want more than originally agreed with the Barcelona bosses) however this does not change the picture at all: the chap's talent is enormous and he he does not go nuts, we will soon have somebody to compete with Lionel Messi on the European soil. I should have probably also added "and Cristiano Ronaldo" but I will not do that, for a very simple reason: he is not my favourite, so to speak. I am aware this is of absolutely no harm to CR7, in one of his interviews he was mostly sincere: " I am handsome, rich and play football very well, so many people do hate me".
The Japanese team tried hard however - with all due respect - despite substantial progress in the play quality, it is not yet enough for Brazil even in a "friendly" mood. Not yet, whilst a number of renowned names is growiing very fast and the mighty ones will have to strecth in a match versus Japan very soon. The progress is well seen even from today's perspective: we (Poles) are happy with the "Dortmund trio" and this phase seems to be history for the Japanese: Shinji Kagawa plays for Man Utd whereas Lewandowski is reportedly on the club's wish list. With an accent on "reportedly".

Poland - Czech Republic 0:1

A big baloon blown with hopes, expectations and demands, has been finally broken.
The first half had reportedly given hope for a succesful delivery of the order placed with the Team by the Polish Nation. "Reportedly" seems the right word since personally I did not see anything at least slightly resembling a "light in the tunnel". Quoting a list of defensive players designated for a match the Team had no other choice than to win, does not make much sense, neither to mention any "tactics". The Czechs, even if without their playmaker Rosicky, showed clearly how to play to achieve the objective. Our "Eagles" have no playmaker and neither someone who may have justified aspirations to be the one in the future. And what is even more worrying, a true team captain is missing since the captain armband is far too little. The disastrous picture was pretty well completed by one of the subsitutions made by Smuda in the last minutes: Paweł Brożek, a nightmare of panaeuropean football grounds. Unless he was supposed to make the Czechs laugh thus deconcetrate...
Stunning atmosphere in a magnificent stadium - the geatest and yet the only positive feature of that Saturday's evening.
Since the baloon broke, the air coming from within started stinking right after the match: the captain, instead of apogizing and thanking for cheering up his Team, pointed at the actual (in his opinion) reason for the defeat, namely: insufficient number of tickets for the game offered to the players' relatives, friends and neighbours. Jakub Błaszczykowski tried his best in TV ten to "interpret" this misfortunate claim somehow differently, yet he made it even worse. He missed to say "sorry" in front of the camera, joining the TV moderator in sweet farting around a fantastic goal scored against Russia instead. 
The worst is yet to come: qualification games for World Cup 2014 in Brazil kick off in September and the new elections for the Polish FA Management only in October. Lato, the existing FA President "did not make the final call yet" and speculations around a possible Smuda's successor had been unleashed: from a temporary solution" - Majewski (OMG!), through Engel ("works for the FA anyway") up to Probierz ("too hard nosed"). Good bye Euro, welcome to grey reality.