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Young Boys Bern

22.03.2009 AXPO SUPER LEAGUE 2008/2009
Young Boys Berno - FC Zurich 4:2

The first match live watched together with my first-born. Tickets had been ordered through internet, for pick up at the club souvenir shop at the stadium on the match day. 
I secured a bit of unexpected and unecessary attraction - got the sector numbers wrong and enjoyed good 10 minutes trying to enter the guest fans' zone, assisted by massive police forces. No red light flushed too early in my head and I started calling the organisers of the match with bad names (in my mind, obviously) to let such a situation happen at all. Finally realised my own distraction, arrived in the proper sector (free of regular hools) and to celebrate it a bit - bought hod-dogs for us both.
Then we watched a very interesting match of the Swiss Super League.