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28.11.2015 SERIE B 2015/2016
Como - Bari 1906 1:1

Both clubs have their respective years of glory behind them. Como has been for occupying lower tiers of Italian football league for decades to get the promotion to Serie B last season. Bari had their last Serie A appearance in the 2010/11 season hence reasonably long time ago either. 
Despite a relatively small bunch of those ready to see the clash of the giants, waiting time in front of the ticket office at the stadium seemed endless. The office was served by just one girl whose most challenging task was taking the record of personal data of a ticket's buyer from his ID. Every now and then some "smart asses" appeared reportedly by chance in the direct proximity of the counter yet the crowd was identyfing those accurately and pushed them to the end of the que. 
We reached our seats good five minutes after the kick off however it id not look as if we had lost anything. Univentful performance coupled with spontaneous foulds and screams, could not have satisfied anyone from the audience. We were standing in the guest fans' sector - most gentlemen were smoking while a few waving their scarves and even fewer preparing fireworks to celebrate a special occasion. Which occured in the 70th minute, when De Luca scored the equaliser thus setting the ultimate score.
Como remained the red light of the Serie B league table and - at least for the time being - there is hardly any light in the tunnel. The club is poor, the past glory does not attract anybody's attention and the tourists would rather take advantage of the picturesque Old Town and a plethora of outlets open throughout the entire weekend. An interest in the Red-White-Blue's performance is at the bottom of the priority list, if only.
Another stadium ticked off, my birthday dinner held at Pepe Nero in the city centre.