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Cracovia Cracow

25.02.2012 EKSTRAKLASA 2011/2012
Cracovia Cracow - Jagiellonia Białystok 0:0

A very nice, compact venue - apparently fit-to-size. Efficient customer service in the ticket office with staff probably oversized however this not my problem at all - rather the owner's.
A touchy banner displayed by the fans in one of the sectors. "Człowiek" (The "Man"), Cracovia supporters' leader killed by the rival team fans. I was not aware of the story before the visit to the stadium in Cracow.
The match itself: univentful, sporadically interrupted by loud comments from the audience towards the guests team coach, mainly elaborating on his merchandising efforts from the past.
The heart of the match was supposed to be Grzegorz Rasiak, Jagiellonia striker and formerly the bugbear of the British Islands, and Tottenham's chief accountant in particular. It happens though, with today's advanced technologies available for cartoon making, that hearts are running faster.