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SC Freiburg

16.09.2012 1.BUNDESLIGA 2012/2013
SC Freiburg - Hoffenheim 5:3

We were much concerned about the competition level on that Sunday afternoon and the teams scoring capabilities in particular. The two matches we had watched on two prior days (in Augsburg on Friday and Stuttgart on Saturday respectively, see also the covers) finished off with no goals and this after monotonous and boring performances. Hence the concerns were pretty much justified. The more positively we were surprised with both the flow and the final score of the match. Shooting was started off by the “Farmers” (the Hoffenheim team nickname) which did not demotivate the Freiburg team at all – they in return scored twice and secured the lead until the end of the first half.
The other 45 minutes kept on a sinusoidal result progression: Hoffenheim scored twice and regained the lead. Yet the last quarter was dominated by SC Freiburg who scored consecutively three goals securing a pretty impressive victory which could be even more sizeable if it had not been for a performance of the guests goal keeper. Tim Wiese, a several year custodian of the Werder Bremen goal, joined the Hoffenheim tesm before the season.
We finished our extensive football weekend in front of the TV: as if we had too little impressions from 3 Bundesliga matches) - we watched a Serie A game AC Torino vs. Juventus (0:2). Kamil Glik reportedly accounted for a very good performance - I must have missed something, however for patriotic reasons I am not going to deny this optimistic yet significantly overstated assessment. They say where is no fish, crayfish could be fish.