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The World Seen With  A Football Fan's Eye

Klagenfurt - Hypo Arena

Poland – Germany 0:2

Without doubt, this kind of a match will, for obvious reasons, have somewhat wider background stemming from the historical (and highly complex) nature of the relationships between the two countries. Perennial search for a “revenge” (Poland had actually never defeated “West” Germany and its successor) resulted in dashing announcement coming from the Polish fans’ camp. It appeared groundless – Poland lost again even if there was no rain and no penalty to be saved by Jan Tomaszewski this time (as in the famous World Cup tournament back in 1974). 
A few positive observations: firstly, Łukasz Podolski, the scorer of both goals did not show any joy, as advised before the kick off. Some observers claim he was even sorry for the achievement. Secondly, Poland defender Lukasz Piszczek got a call for the National Team somewhat unexpectedly – a ring from Leo Benhakker had reportedly found him on a beach thus out of any training regime. Since his performance in the match was not drastically different from the rest of the team mates, this seems to be contradiction to a theory of sophisticated training modules to be compulsorily applied before any big tournament.
Poland wins vs. Germany quite regularly. In volleyball so far – is it not a team sport either? Something solid to build on:)