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Lech Poznań

02.09.2012 EKSTRAKLASA 2012/2013
Lech Poznań - Górnik Zabrze 0:0

The "Kolejorz" fans doping, particularly those seated in the "Poznan Empire" sector, along with the VIP lounge catering - belonged to the best features of the Sunday afternoon competition.
This is extremely difficult to recall upon a single Lech player performing decently, maybe except Arboleda who impressed the audience on a few ocassions with very intelligent and well balanced tackles. Murawski's form was appalling and that is valid ever since he returned from a completely misfortunate spell with Rubin Kazan in Russia. The hosts team's captain is still credited for his past merits and the name he had made himself in the Polish league before the Russian transfer. Solid defence line is absolutely not enough to aspire for any trophies hence the question shouted by the fans "Where is a striker?" was pretty valid.
Adam Nawałka, the former Poland's international, and nowadays the Górnik coach, was visibly excited throughout the entire game. The draw is typically a minimum target for an away match yet he soon realised Lech was incredibly weak and kept encouraging his players to maintain pressure still on the Lech half of the pitch. Simple tactics: force in the opponents to make a mistake and score.
The team from Upper Silesia has a quite decent set of players at their disposal: Gancarczyk, Kwiek, Danch, Oziębała and an 18-year-old Milik as a forward, a very promising greenhorn, reportedly to be already found in the National Team coach notebook which is well deserved. If Gornik played more bravely, they would have reached for the full award whereas the draw satisfied none of the teams.
As mentioned, the support quality was worth all respect, the ultras encouraging the kids to join them in singing, alternatively going back to the standard (and linguistically brutal) repertoire - fortunately not yet picked up the youngsters.
A lot of traffic in the sector we were seated: up and down, to the toilet, to get a snack, to have a walk, to see if the view is any different a few meters above, to smoke a cigarette (and let others join smoking) and, and, and. Really hard to comment. The attendance was not bad though: the City Stadium was visited by 27 thousand spectators willing to see a good piece of football. A good piece of football ground had to do this time, there was no single piece of good football that afternoon.