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FC Solothurn

08.09.2013 1.LIGA CLASSIC 2013/2014
FC Solothurn - FC Baden 1:3

Swiss 4th tier competition, yet both teams accompanied by "ultras". The kick-off was followed by pretty heavy raining and umbrellas started mushrooming all over the place. The guests' fans found a much more practical solution: instead of putting coats on or opening umbrellas, they took most of their clothes off - preventing those from getting wet and, even more importantly, immediately ensuring the image of warriors - ready for everything. Few fans of FC Solothurn followed the suit, yet appeared not as tough as their counterparts and put the clothes on again fairly quickly.
The opening goal in 5th minute and FC Baden player sent off by the referee for the second consecutive booking - seemed a herald of success for the local team who, at the first glance, looked a bit like Arsenal. This was however the only similarity with the Gunners and soon Mrs Fortune was hand in hand with the yellow dressed guests. Not only they got an equaliser still in the first half - they took over full control over the game in the second half and when one of the Solothurn defenders was sent off for a fairly brutal foul, the Baden team advantage grew every minute. If it had not been for several impressive saves by the Solothurn goalkeeper, the final score could have looked more sizeable.
Both "ultras" groups enjoyed some singing competition in the closing phase of the match. For some reason, the Solothurn fans started insulting the police - maybe to follow a certain "bon ton" featuring some football stadiums. The win helped maintain the no. 3 in the league table for FC Baden and confirmed the team's aspiration to get promotion to the next tier competition. The guest fans proved they love singing in the rain. What about dancing?