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Union Berlin

02.09.2012 2.BUNDESLIGA 2012/2013
Union Berlin - Hertha BSC Berlin 1:2

As seen from the photo attached - tickets were hard to find, uncertainty lasted until shortly before the kick off. I was shocked too see how popular the Berlin derby was - there is hardly any common knowledge of this event outside Germany, I bet. It is probably due to the fact that, unlike their city rivals, Union had never reached the German supreme competition level.
Numerous fans at the venue (we had standing tickets in the ultras sector), a lot of passion and non stop support from the first until the last minute - most of fans stayed after the final whistle to thank the team for engagement (bear in mind Union had lost!), wave the flags and sing songs glorifying the club's pride and trophies (to come).
It does not happen too often either, that a lost goal would not interrupt the doping for even a second - the "Iron" society behaved as if nothing happened. The stadium is being rebuilt - I learnt the construction materials are within club's whereas donated labor within fans' discretion, you never know - that might at least partly be true. If so, some bright future is awaiting the Irons.
Perpetual fight on the entire pitch, few penalty area opportunities, spontaneous reactions - all within a frame of reason, hardly any impression left that the Hertha fans would be demolished shortly thereafter.
I will be certainly looking at the 2. Bundesliga table more often to check how Union are doing, I wish them all the best.