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09.03.2014 CHALLENGE LEAGUE 2013/2014
FC Vaduz - FC Chiasso 5:2

After just 5 minutes the score was 2:0 and it was clear the last word has not yet been spoken. It was then also obvious for the audience (ca. 1500) to expect a few more goals considering no remittance by Vaduz: the Ticino team was pushed into the corner. Surprisingly, nothing interesting happened for the following half an hour except for a ball hitting the post after one of the counterattacks by FCV. Hard not to believe in the old football saying: “the opportunities not turned into goals will turn against you” – instead of 3:0, the score just a while later was 2:1 – after an individual action and a superb shot from ca. 20 meters by Regazzoni, the best Chiasso player that afternoon. The goal immediately improved morale of the visitors’ substitution bench who started cheering up their colleagues on the pitch to go with the flow. The advice which they followed yet suffered from another Vaduz counter attacks resulting in a loss of a goal and one of the players – Reclari was sent off for a foul committed upon a player getting the so called clear goal position. 3:1 score by half time heralded rather a regular scheme of events in the second half. Nothing like this happened: the guests moved sharp forward and got a penalty themselves this time, turned into a goal by Facchinetti. The match became again much more vivid, a few new players entered the pitch and a smell of more goals could be sensed in the air. The hosts appeared to be mentally stronger, supported by probably better quality substitutes which combined led to two more goals conceded by Chiasso. The latter of which was scored in a bit controversial circumstances: after a turmoil in the penalty area the ball found its way into the net and the line referee raised the flag. Surprisingly enough, the main referee, after a short consultation with his colleague, pointed the pitch middle point hence recognizing the goal. Personally I can’t recall when I saw a similar situation last. And neither did FC Chiasso players, apparently, since two of those being closest to the line referee started launching some punishable threats towards him (judging by mimicry and gesticulation) as if they did not know it is the main referee who takes the final decision.
Curio no. 1: both the first and the last goals were scored by a 21-year old North Korean Kwang Ryong Pak for whom this is already the third season in Swiss leagues. He is unlikely to become Messi (not even any physical resemblance) yet he has got the feature which for instance not so many Polish players have: he is willing to play and running through the pitch practically non-stop. In sports as well as in life in general, besides capabilities one needs to have motivation and full engagement into whatever is on the table.
Curio no. 2: kids have free entrance even into the main Tribune of Rheinpark stadium.
Curio no. 3: FC Vaduz have practically secured a promotion to Super League next season yet it is unknown how long they will be there. In Switzerland there are a few meteorites crusising between the 1st and the 2nd competition tiers. Besides Vaduz, those include Servette Geneva, Lausanne Sport, Thun and Aarau. A bit like in the Bundesliga for instance, where the likes of Koeln, Kaiserslautern or Hertha happen to be too strong for the 2nd and too weak for the 1st tier.
Curio no. 4: the Rheinpark stadium’s ambience is picturesque, located at the river side and surrounded by mountains which, if accompanied by sunny weather, provides pretty aesthetic impressions to the spectators, in particular to those from outside of Vaduz since for locals it must be a very usual thing.