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Blackburn Rovers

02.04.2012 PREMIER LEAGUE 2011/2012
Blackburn Rovers - Manchester United 0:2

I took a Man Utd cap with me to the match - I bought it at Old Trafford back in January, prior to the match vs. Bolton. I put it on as we were approaching the gates - partly for fun and partly for my English friend Tony who has been supporting United for more than 50 years. Yeap, I mean it - Tony turned 67 this year. The cap did not go unnoticed by the security guard. "Which team do you support, sir?" -"Manchester United" - "Then you are entering the wrong sector" - (I panicked a bit) - "But I have a ticket for this sector" - "Then take that cap off, sir". I followed his instruction immediately, the guy impressed me with his calm and concrete argument.
As many as seven thousand Red Devils fans showed up that afternoon at Ewood Park, almost entirely occupying the sector behind one of the goals, and dominated the stadium with practically non-stop doping. Rovers came out to the pitch begging for mercy with their eyes. Surprisingly enough, no goals were scored in the first half although a number of suitable occasions were created. Chicharito, a bit lost this time, was soon substituted for Ashley Young which proved decisive for the final score - the England international brought a lot of vigour into the game.
2:0 at Blackburn seemed to have made the prospect of retaining the Premier League Champion title much greater. Rovers had hardly any trumps to offer - one of those was certainly the Corporate Hospitality section at the stadium. Both the meal and wine were of quality not to be found in England too often.