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Borussia Dortmund

11.04.2012 1.BUNDESLIGA 2011/2012
Borussia Dortmund - Bayern Munich 1:0

More than 80 thousand fans in the stadium with its astonishing Sud Tribune occupied by the most faithful BVB fans – just stunning. The local team is supported by literally everyone, regardless of age, gender as well as horse power of a car in use. One big hive, association with the club colors is obvious. A little surprise just before the kick-off: only Borussia team presented on the telebeams, no word about Bayern. Most likely – a vital element of the psychological war which may include also such features as showers malfunction in the locker room or a road block preventing from the opponent team bus reaching the stadium parking. All tricks allowed, a word of mouth says the hosts are ready to be penalized with a fee, just not to miss out on making any inconvenience to the guests, annoying them hence getting the upfront psychological advantage.
The Bavarians came out to the battle enormously focused and very well organized. Borussia’s efforts were limited to dismantling the Bayern initiatives with a somewhat lonely Lewandowski left in the front line to absorb the Bayern defenders hence give a space to breathe to his own colleagues.
Far more passionate confrontation commenced in the second half. Borussia came more forward knowing the draw would be more beneficial to the opponents; Bayern had matches versus lower ranked teams still ahead in the last rounds. At a first sight, Lewandowski’s goal seemed as if scored from the off-side, yet the replay left no doubt: one of the Bayern defenders was too slow in moving forward hence leaving “Lewy” in front of Neuer. The Bayern goalkeeper was greeted by the BVB fans with…loads of bananas thrown into this direction, he remained amazingly calm though.
Robben happened to become the negative hero of the competition: on top of the missed penalty he could not turn an extremely handy opportunity into a goal in the last minutes either. Jupp Heynckes protected his player during the media conference: “This is all football is about. Arjen is our permanent penalty kick executor and the today’s incident is not going to change that”. Borussia made a significant step towards the Bundesliga champions title retention. What is still left for Bayern includes the German Cup final (against Borussia again) and foremost: the battle of the Champions League title.